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HSVA – Setting standards in ship optimisation
for more than 100 years

For a century, the private and independent Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA has been at the forefront of hydrodynamic research. HSVA has influenced and led developments of testing technology, methods, standardisation and numerical procedures to solve complex problems.

Today, HSVA is also a service and consulting company for industrial customers worldwide. Highly skilled staff is trained to interact with customers to optimise products and procedures quickly with high precision. HSVA skills are acknowledged in other areas as well such as the aircraft industry. Its leading role in national and international research programs makes HSVA a most competent partner in science and services around the field of hydrodynamics and related areas.

HYDRALAB+ has been launched through the EU Programme Horizon 2020

HydralabHYDRALAB is an advanced network of 24 hydraulic and hydrodynamic institutes in Europe providing access to major and unique hydraulic and hydrodynamic facilities from across the whole European scientific community. The HYDRALAB+ project has a term of 4 years and will prepare hydraulic and hydrodynamic modelling for the upcoming urgent technical challenges associated with adaptations for climate change. HSVA offers their Arctic Technology facilities to enable “Transnational Access” activities for international groups of researchers to use our unique experimental facilities for research projects and thus enhancing the coherence of the European research community. A call for proposals for “Transnational Access” will be issued within the next 2 months.

The main objectives of HYDRALAB+ are to:

  • Widen the use of and access to major and unique hydraulic and hydrodynamic research infrastructures in the EU and develop instrumentation and testing procedures beyond the present state-of-the-art, for new inter-disciplinary and complex applications such as morphodynamics, hydraulic structures and ice engineering.

  • Research activities will be addressed to the challenges of future global warming and climate change.

  • Reach out to the experimental hydraulic and hydrodynamic research community beyond HYDRALAB in Europe, and the wider world, by involving them in the process of achieving results and by making them directly aware of project achievements.

20 July 2015

HSVA at Becker's Twistercup

TwisterCup2015In June HSVA's valued customer Becker Marine Systems organised the eleventh edition of the "Twistercup", a regatta of remote-controlled America's Cup sailboat models. For the first time, the event took place at Becker's new headquarters in the harbour of Hamburg-Harburg. HSVA took part with four boats, the "Newswave", the "Newswave II", the "Jahrhundertboot" and the "Newswave III". Although the weather was warm and sunny, the boats and their skippers had to cope with unpredictable wind gusts. HSVA's hull lines specialist Hans-Uwe Schnoor and his boat "Newswave II" managed these challenging conditions best, while the "Jahrhundertboot" – piloted by HSVA's project engineer Johannes Strobel – ranked second. In the breaks, the contestants and spectators of the regatta were offered a barbecue and other refreshments in Becker's new canteen.

HSVA thanks Becker Marine Systems for the invitation to this traditional, joyful event, looking forward to the twelfth "Twistercup" in late fall, which will once again take place in HSVA's small towing tank.