Master Thesis: Correlation between Pressure Pulse and Hydro-Acoustic Measurements in HSVA’s Ice HYKAT 


In the large Hydrodynamic and Cavitation Tunnel of HSVA (HYKAT, Figure 1) model propellers installed behind a ship model are analyzed. Additionally to the cavitation observations pressure pulse measurements above the propeller (Figure 2, left) are performed. Another special feature of the tunnel is its room-sized anechoic chamber underneath the test section (Figure 2, right). Here sensitive hydrophones are located to record model propeller noise. In the present work a correlation between the pressure pulse (vibrations) and hydro-acoustic (underwater noise) results shall be elaborated. If possible a transfer function shall be determined taking into account the different frequency ranges.

Figure 1: HSVA's HyKat



Figure 2: Pressure pulse measurements (left), hydro-acoustics chamber (right)


The main objective is to develop a correlation between the pressure pulse and hydro-acoustic results by

  • analysing and evaluating existing test results
  • considering frequency ranges
  • creating transfer function

Task assignment:

  • Familiarizing with HYKAT’s pressure pulse and hydro-acoustic measurements
  • Identify relevant correlation between both results
  • Developing transfer function
  • Verification of transfer function
  • Documentation of development and results in a written report



Correlation between pressure pulse and hydro-acoustic measurements in HSVA’s Ice HYKAT