The Hamburg Ship Model Basin

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Comfort at sea has many aspects. Cruise ship passengers may think of the size and location of their cabin or the correct temperature of the champagne served on the sun deck. Nevertheless, comfort at sea has also much to do with the hydrodynamic behavior of a vessel – and this not only for passenger ships or mega yachts.

Excessive noise and vibrations are not only annoying for passengers; they can also derogate the performance or even the health of the crew. As the propeller – and sometimes also the rudder or other appendages – can be an important source of noise and vibration excitation on board, we can offer performance predictions and optimisation for those devices.

Strong ship motions cause sea sickness or even endanger the cargo and people onboard. We offer sea keeping performance predictions and do hull form optimisation including this aspect.

But it's even more than hydrodynamics. Exhaust gases from engine or kitchen should not incommode the people onboard. The headwind should be deflected from the sun deck or other outdoor recreation areas. We do aerodynamic predictions and optimisation for your ships.

Undesired sloshing effects in the swimming pool or whatever effect might cause discomfort for you; tailor made studies are in best hands at HSVA as well.

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