The Hamburg Ship Model Basin

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Video 100 years

Photographer: Gerry Thomasen


The efficient use of energy has always been decisive for any kind of transport technology. Ships and shipping are no exceptions. Although waterborne transport is generally considered as the most efficient transport mode, there is still considerable room for improvements in almost any ship design and HSVA’s more than 100 years of experience, combined with latest analysis and optimisation technology help to reduce fuel consumption and increase the energy efficiency of every project analysed.

Energy efficiency of a ship is largely determined by its hydrodynamic properties including not only low resistance and optimal propulsion capabilities over a large range of operational conditions but also superior manoeuvring and seakeeping capabilities.

HSVA offers a large range of services aimed at improved ship efficiency by combining numerical analysis and experimental testing in a unique way. Aspects covered include:

The EEDI introduced in 2013 plays an important role in ship design. HSVA is a qualified partner in EEDI Pre-verification during tank tests. For more information visit the EEDI service page.