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EEDI – Verification tests

The efficient and economical use of resources and the associated reduction of emissions is one of the most important items on the international agenda today. Global transport contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions and despite their unsurpassed transport efficiency the share of worldwide shipping is in the same order of magnitude than that of air transport. This is simply due to the vast overall volume of waterborne transportation. The international maritime community reacted and IMO has introduced, besides other measures, the Energy Efficiency Design Index – EEDI which any new built ship needs to attain since the 1st of January 2013. The EEDI basically relates CO2 emissions of a ship to the transport work performed. The EEDI is typically attested by classification societies.

As ship resistance and propulsion play an important role for the energy consumption – and hence emission – of a ship, the hullform and propulsive efficiency need to be carefully chosen and the attained EEDI of a new vessel needs to be verified in a model test. HSVA regularly performs EEDI verification tests in cooperation with surveyors / classification societies.