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Propulsion Improvement /
Energy Savings Devices

PID and ESD are synonymous expressions for special-purpose appendages to the hull, propeller and rudder of a ship, enhancing the vessel’s propulsive efficiency. They are not new as already early in the 20th century such devices were conceived and built. Another period of large interest was associated with the oil crisis in the 1970ies, but today’s interest in the technology is based on a permanent high of fuel costs in combination with regulatory provisions to cut energy consumption and emissions.

A large variety of different pre- and post devices has been suggested over the last years. HSVA is best suited to analyse and test fins, vortex generators, nozzles and bulbs, using sophisticated experiments and advanced – 3-d printing –model making.

Out own ESD designs are based on advanced full scale CFD analysis and optimisation techniques. More information can be found at the CFD – ESD page.