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Ship Stability and Safety in Seaway

Both experimental and numerical investigations are carried out on ship intact and damage stability in seaway. Many intact stability cases dealing with parametric rolling are effectively investigated with a combination of numerical simulations and experiments.

Damage stability investigations are mostly carried out in the framework of research projects and for authorities dealing with accident investigations or for the stability rule development. Also these investigations are commonly carried out both with numerical simulations for identification of most critical cases, and with damage model tests in waves yielding information on survival times in different seaways.

The program HSVA Rolls is used in many numerical investigations. It has a good capability to effectively model both ship (parametric) rolling and also internal flooding on decks with shallow water equations solved at each time step of the simulation with a random choice method.

The safety of Open Top container ships is tested to check whether these comply with the IMO "Interim Guidelines for Open-Top Containerships", (IMO MSC/Circ.608) when operating in open-top condition. According to these requirements the water ingress in the open holds in a defined most unfavorable, realistic sea state must remain below a set criteria. Investigations on following topic are carried out.

  • Intact stability
  • Parametric rolling computations and tests
  • Damage stability
  • Survival times
  • Flooding simulations and tests
  • Water ingress on Open Top Container Vessels