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November 2016

Cooperation with MARIC

On the 5th of September Prof. Xing Wenhua, the president of MARIC and acting president of SSNAOE visited HSVA
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November 2016

Kick-Off for AERONAUT

In October 2016 the national research project AERONAUT started at HSVA. The 3 year project will develop aerodynamic appliances and optimise the air flow around the superstructure of ships. The aim of AERONAUT is a significant reduction of the wind resistance of ships in order to reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
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October 2016

Fully Automated Measuring in HSVA's Old Medium Tunnel

HSVA’s medium cavitation tunnel – dating back to the 1960s – has recently been combined with an automated tunnel control system, enabling the facility to run huge measuring cam-paigns fully unmanned.
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August 2016

HOLISHIP receives Blessing from EU – Commission

The face of ship design is changing. The vastly increasing complexity of European built ships and maritime structures as well as the growing number of rules and regulations call for novel concepts of product design and testing.
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