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June 2019

HSVA at the Hull Performance and Insight Conference

HSVA presented a paper entitled “From Bow to Stern: Hydrodynamic Measures for Increased Hull Performance”.
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Mai 2019

Dr. Janou Hennig was awarded

HSVA’s managing director Dr. Janou Hennig was awarded an honorary professorship by University of Duisburg-Essen. For a couple of years, she has been teaching courses on wave theory, wave-induced loads and offshore constructions.
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Mar. 2019

Open Water Designed Ship enters Ice

A study to investigate and understand the basic processes of sea-ice interaction with ships of open-water or moderate icebreaking shape has started in June 2018 at HSVA.
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Feb. 2019

ROLF Learns Paddling and Splashing

ROLF is the principal seakeeping code used by HSVA to simulate large roll motions of monohull vessels in time domain. The code was recently extended to include the non-linear roll damping effects of actively controlled fin stabilizers and passive anti-roll tanks in the roll motion simulation.
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