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May 2018

Arctic Technologies: Tank in a Tank

While we typically have all kinds of structures and ships floating in our tanks, one may be confused to see we now have a tank inside one of our tanks.
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VSP Test in Ice

A new video at YouTube shows in slow motion (10X) an ice floe being fed into the VSP in a test configuration.
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January 2018

Phase 2 of AERONAUT project to begin

FreSCo+ Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation (DDES) computations in Phase 1 provide the groundwork for the upcoming wind tunnel testing
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August 2017

SDARI and HSVA sign Long-Term Strategic Cooperation Agreement

In August 2017 the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute (SDARI) in Shanghai, China, and HSVA signed a Long-Term Strategic Cooperation Agreement.
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