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Cavitation Documentation in Full HD Quality

HSVA's Propellers & Cavitation department has used the Christmas break to replace the entire video recording system that is used for documentation of the cavitation behavior in HYKAT. To achieve best picture quality it has been usual from the beginning in HYKAT to install small video cameras in closest distance in front of the propeller inside the ship model. For this reason it was the main challenge to adapt the latest generation of High Definition (HD) miniature video cameras for the harsh environment inside a cavitation tunnel. The use in combination with strobe light illumination raised special problems as well. Not only the cameras but also the whole cabling, the recording systems as well as post processing hard and software had to be replaced, configured, and tested within a few days. The mission could be accomplished!

Six Full HD cameras with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels are now availabe for cavitation observation and documentation from various viewing directions. A milestone with respect to picture quality - as you will see during your next cavitation test performed in HYKAT!