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Cooperation agreement signed between MARIC and HSVA


On the 5th of September 2016 Prof. Xing Wenhua, the president of MARIC (Marine Design & Research Institute of China) and acting president of SSNAOE (Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers), visited HSVA and was welcomed by Dr. Janou Hennig, the managing director of HSVA, and Dr. Florian Kluwe, the head of the Resistance & Propulsion Department of HSVA.

Prof. Xing was accompanied by Prof. Feng Xuebo, the secretary general of SSNAOE, and Prof. Wang Jinbao, the deputy director of MARIC’s ship hydrodynamics laboratory.

The highlight of Prof. Xing’s visit was the signing of a cooperation agreement between MARIC and HSVA which lifts the long lasting cooperation of both companies to a new level and is focused on the joined development and application of new methods and tools in the field of numerical and experimental hydrodynamics for ships and offshore structures.