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HSVA signs IWSA‘s open letter aiming at advancing the decarbonization of the shipping industry

Together with more than 90 maritime companies, HSVA has signed an open letter demanding decision-makers in the maritime industry, as well as the entire shipping community, to re-evaluate and utilize all energy solutions. Strategic integration of wind propulsion systems is expected to achieve essential reductions in carbon emissions and make a significant contribution for reaching emissions targets by 2050.

To seriously integrate the power of wind propulsion into the fight against climate change, the letter calls for the establishment of a multi-stakeholder working group to assess and quantify the potential of wind propulsion. It requests for launching a comprehensive strategic review of current efforts to decarbonize the shipping industry in light of the climate crisis, as well as ensuring that a level playing field is created and maintained for all propulsion systems. The current approach, which currently focuses on fuels, needs to be overcome.

English version - IWSA Open Letter       

German version - IWSA Open Letter