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Kick-off for AERONAUT

In October 2016 the national research project AERONAUT started at HSVA. The 3 year project will develop aerodynamic appliances and optimise the air flow around the superstructure of ships. The aim of AERONAUT is a significant reduction of the wind resistance of ships in order to reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The aerodynamic resistance of modern sea-going ships played a minor role or was completely disregarded in the ship design process in the last decades. Superstructures are typically based on geometrically simple shapes in order to enable a cost-effective production. These simple designs often come along with a rather high air resistance, resulting in an increased power requirement. Today`s trend toward energy-efficiency and emissions reduction calls for the exploitation of all energy saving potentials. The widely adopted “slow steaming” concept offers large savings but it also leads to a different distribution of resistance components. Both air resistance and the friction resistance of the hull become more relevant.

To reduce air resistance AERONAUT will develop and optimise aerodynamic attachment parts in the form of spoilers, baffles and casings for various configurations of superstructures. This will not only consider the aerodynamic efficiency, but also the practicability in ship operation. Further attention will be paid to manufacturability and the structural design with fibre composites.

Over the course of this project a specific set of aerodynamic parts will be developed, manufactured and installed on a small container ship from the fleet of the project partner Jüngerhans. Onboard monitoring systems will be used to perform comparative measurements of the fuel consumption in operation in order to validate the basic concept. AERONAUT will provide a step change in maritime aerodynamics and is supposed to open up a completely new business field for the national maritime industry.

To address this challenge AERONAUT assembles a dedicated team of maritime industry and research partners. The project is coordinated by the HSVA. Further members of the consortium are TUHH, CMT, Knierim Yachtbau and Jüngerhans.

AERONAUT is funded by the federal ministry of economics and technology in the scope of the programme “maritime technologies of the next generation”.