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1st ProEis Workshop

Free-of-charge workshop on ship efficiency depending on ship and propeller design of ice-going ships in Hamburg

On September 26th, 2017 a free-of-charge workshop on ship efficiency depending on ship and propeller design of ice-going ships will take place in the course of the German funded research project ProEis – “Influence of the ship’s hull design on the propulsion efficiency and the loads on the propeller influenced by ice” at the Empire River Side Hotel in Hamburg.

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ProEis focuses on the performance of ice breaking ships in uniform level ice. Good performance in this context means low ice resistance, high propulsion efficiency and continuous ice breaking. These aspects are strongly depending on the ship hull shape design, besides the ice properties and the ship’s speed. Understanding the influence of the ship hull shape design on the ice breaking process is essential for its assessment in an early design stage.

Based on the above background, a group of experts aims on developing efficient software tools to analyze the interaction of ship hull, ship propulsion system and ice. Model tests and sea trial data serve as a basis for the developments and for validation. The tools will allow an analysis of the ice floe movement along the ship hull of different ship designs, the prediction of the influence on the propulsion efficiency and the calculation of ice impact on the propeller. By means of the tools, design methods for propellers and ships can be improved. Furthermore, basic knowledge can be established for the development of guidelines for the design of ice loaded propellers.

The project is divided into three work packages with the following main focuses:

1. Influence of the ship hull shape on the propeller-ice interaction
2. Influence of the propeller-ice interaction on the propulsive efficiency
3. Loads on the propeller induced by propeller-ice interaction

Project Partners:

  • Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH, HSVA (Coordinator)
  • Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, TUHH, Institut für Fluiddynamik und Schiffstheorie
  • develogic GmbH
  • Voith GmbH
  • Mecklenburger Metallguß GmbH, MMG
  • MV Werften Wismar GmbH
  • DNV GL

Within the workshop, an overview of the research project including its objectives will be given followed by two series of presentations with emphasis on ship efficiency and loads on the propeller (blades). Please see the TIME TABLE (pdf) and SUMMARY of PRESENTATIONS (pdf). Both lecture series will be wrapped up and deepened by panel discussions at the end of each session.

General information:

  • Postal address of workshop location: Empire Riverside Hotel, Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 97, 20359 Hamburg
  • The workshop takes place directly after the ship efficiency conference by The German Society for Maritime Technology (STG)

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