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Unconventional propeller-ice interaction tests close to large scale

The test set-up comprises an ice feeding device for usage above and below water as well as a model Voith-Schneider Propeller (VSP).

 The video shows in slow motion (10X) an ice floe being fed into the VSP in a test configuration above water. The ice sample is made of model ice from HSVA ice basin and has a thickness of about 110mm.

In order to minimize scaling effects, the VSP was manufactured with close to large scale dimensions. Further advantage of the scaling is that the extensive load measurements within the root of the blades can be carried out with high accuracy. The challenges with respect to the large scale were to guarantee the strength and to prevent disturbing vibrations during the design process of the ice feeding device. The feeding device is also designed as modular as possible to be used for different propulsion systems. Due to the fact that the propeller is fed by ice floes of defined size, thickness and strength, the results build the basis for development or revision of guidelines. Further tests with a podded propeller are intended.