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Do you like to join us to develop the next generation of ships and structures for open water and for Ice?

HSVA is one of the world leading ship model basins. As a private company operating in the wonderful city of Hamburg, Germany, HSVA is active in the field of hydrodynamic research since 1913. Besides operating a large range of experimental facilities, we are among the forerunners of CFD developments and maritime applications.
HSVA is always looking for new, dedicated employees. There is a wide range of career opportunities like technicians, project managers, project engineers, software and instrumentation engineers.
At HSVA you will work in an open, informal but professional customer and service orientated environment. We look for ambitious, engaged persons, who are good communicators and innovative problem solvers.
If there are no vacant positions listed at the moment, but you think you can contribute to our needs, feel free to contact us:

VACANT Positions:


We are looking for a

Senior Project Manager

Seakeeping, Offshore Dynamics and Waves (m/f/d)


Located in Hamburg, the private and independent Hamburg Ship Model Basin - HSVA - is a service and consulting company for clients in the maritime industry worldwide. Our products contribute to a greener, more sustainable usage of marine environments. We help to reduce emissions from shipping and we increase safety in marine transportation. We are partners to our clients for the development of innovative, tailor-made solutions in shipping and offshore operations. For experimental investigations we are offering world class testing facilities. Its leading role in national and international research programs makes HSVA a most competent partner in science and services in the field of maritime hydrodynamics, maritime aerodynamics and arctic technology as well as associated disciplines.




  • Project Management
  • Project planning (incl. budget), preparation of project proposals and quotations
  • Senior expert and advisor related to the topics i.a. waves, seakeeping, ship dynamics, model testing in waves, environmental loads on offshore structures, short & longterm statistics and numerical approaches in ship and offshore dynamics
  • Planning, setup and conduct of experiments in HSVA’s facilities (large towing tank, Limb, etc.) related to the above mentioned fields
  • Field measurements, On-board measurements in the above mentioned fields
  • Numerical flow calculations complementary to experiments. 
  • Development of custom solutions for special test setups and requirements
  • Software development related to topics above
  • External and internal communication with customers, project partners, suppliers, authorities and other teams (e.g. model manufacturing)
  • Customer care during testing campaigns
  • Reporting and presentation in German and English
  • Professional advice and consultancy to customers
  • Development and research in the above mentioned areas including the planning and initiations of research projects
  • Representation of HSVA in national and international committees for rules development and standardisation




  • Exciting and diversified tasks with a modern service provider for the global maritime industry
  • Flat hierarchies, short decision paths
  • Flexible working hours, and performance-based, competitive salary
  • Innovative team



  • At least second level university degree (MSc, PhD), with a specialization in fluid mechanics, naval architecture, marine engineering or comparable fields
  • Very good knowledge and professional experience in applied marine hydrodynamics with a deep background in waves, ship dynamics, seakeeping, environmental loads on offshore structures, short & longterm statistics
  • Deep understanding of numerical methods in the above mentioned fields
  • Experience in experimental hydrodynamics
  • Programming skills and preferably experience in software development (Fortran, Python, Java)
  • Willingness to work in experimental facilities, including flexible working times
  • Willingness to travel
  • Team player
  • Strong communicator
  • Highly motivated work attitude
  • Self-organizing talent
  • Assured and confident manner
  • Self-motivated lifelong learner
  • Excellent verbal and written English language skills
  • Preferably German language skills



We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations as well as your earliest possible starting date until 6 June 2022. By e-mail to:




Senior Project Manager



HSVA is seeking Student Assistant to support


  • Proposal for a Bachelor’s-/Master’s Thesis: Combined EFD and CFD Approach using the Form Factor for Full Scale Ship Powering  Prognosis
  • Database Programming and Data Analysis






 Proposal for a Bachelor’s-/Master’s Thesis 

Combined EFD and CFD Approach using the Form Factor for Full Scale Ship Powering  Prognosis 


The  HSVA  is  looking  for  interested  students  to  work  on  the  topic  "Combined  EFD  and  CFD  approach using the form factor for full scale ship powering prognosis" as part of a Bachelor's or  Master's thesis. 

Accurate ship powering prediction is based on experimental model tests and scaled to full scale  values according to procedures of the ITTC. The form factors method for the scaling of the ships  resistance to full scale values is described in the ITTC ’78 guideline. With experimental methods,  the  determination  of  the  form  factor  is  controversial  among  researchers  and  is  therefore  not  generally applied at the towing tank facilities worldwide. The upcoming use of a combined EFD  and  CFD  methods  for  ship  powering  prediction  will  use  CFD  tools  for  the  form  factor  determination and classical towing tests for the full scale ship powering prognosis. 

The task of this thesis is to determine form factors of different ship classes at different draughts  and scales with CFD and to compare them with results from model scale measurements in the  towing tank. A special focus is laid on the HSVA reference models and common CFD benchmark  cases.  The  full  scale  evaluation  will  be  carried  out  with  the  classical  pure  EFD  approach  in  comparison with the combined EFD and CFD approach as well as with the CFD results calculated  in full scale.  

Improvement  of  the  combined  EFD  and  CFD  approach  is  to  apply  a  numerical  friction  line  replacing  the  ITTC  ’57  ship  correlation  line  which  describes  the  frictional  resistance  at  large  Reynolds Number flows as they occur for full scale ships.  

Based on statistical evaluation, differences of the results of both methods should be analyzed  and fields of uncertainties as well as scale effects on special flow phenomena like transom flow,  bulbous bow flows and roughness effects should be identified.

Within the context of the thesis offered here, the following aspects are to be dealt with:

  • Determination of form factors with CFD calculations for two HSVA reference models  and chosen CFD benchmark cases at different draughts and scales according to HSVA  CFD standard calculation methods
  • Conduction and evaluation of the form factor determination in the towing tank with  HSVA benchmark models
  • Determination of a numerical friction line according to HSVA CFD standard calculation  methods
  • Full scale ship resistance extrapolations based on EFD and combined EFD and CFD  methods
  • Statistical    and  direct  comparison  of  the  extrapolated  results  with  full  scale  CFD  calculations
  • Discussion on uncertainties and scale effects
  • Additional tasks: Suggestions for improvements of the HSVA CFD standard calculation 
    methods for form factor determination

General Conditions


  • Basic knowledge on the ship powering and scaling procedures according to ITTC
  • Basic knowledge on practical maritime CFD applications
  • Optional: Programming skills in PYTHON and LaTeX
  • Reliable, self-motivated working attitude
  • The  applicant  for  this  proposal  of  a  Bachelor's/Master's  thesis  is  encouraged  to 
    discuss this topic with an appropriate institute and to ensure approval for this topic by  a professor if it is suitable for a thesis.

Time Period:

  • Start: asap
  • Duration: approx. 6 months, flexible

We offer: 

  • Possibility to work at the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) and (partly) remotely from home 
  • Friendly and supportive working atmosphere


Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH 
Bramfelder Straße 164 

22305 Hamburg 

contact person:

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Horn, +49 40 69203 – 284,