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Propeller Design and Optimisation

The tremendous thrust of a 380 ton jumbo jet at take-off rarely fails to impress passengers as acceleration presses them firmly into their sets. The thrust provided by the propeller of a smaller sized 1000 TEU container vessel at moderate 20 knots ship speed is roughly the same as a Boeing 747's ninety tons thrust.

Highly skilled hydrodynamicists at HSVA bear the challenge to customize ship propellers of even bigger dimensions and of all kinds, to make them perfectly fit to the operation profile and the wake field of the individual ship. The difficulty is to find the best compromise between contradicting requirements. High efficiency, low vibration excitation, low noise radiation and non-erosive cavitation performance need to be reconciled.

HSVA uses the in-house developed QCM software together with the well-known MIT code HPUF-3AL for propeller design in an inverse propeller design approach.

A large number of merchant and grey ship propellers and even propellers for very special navy applications have been designed this way at HSVA with great success. Designs to improve efficiency in retro-fit applications for ships in slow steaming mode are a fast seller today.

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