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Full Scale Investigations

Being a universal model basin, HSVA also offers a range of full scale investigations as part of their services. Besides standard sea trials which are performed together with cooperation partners, dedicated cavitation observations and measurements of pressure pulses can be offered. These can be made through 20 mm bore holes using boroscopes and will be evaluated by real cavitation experts. Accompanying pressure pulse measurement are available using the same bore(s) or alternatively, using large and class approved observation windows available from the shelf for high quality pictures. In the past, these observations have proven great similarity to model test results.

Full scale investigations 01

Model – Full Scale Agreement for a Twin-Screw Ship

In ice covered seas, HSVA offers complete ice trials including:

  • Local hull pressure determination;
  • Ice load measurements;
  • Dynamic ice structure interaction;
  • Ice property determination and 3D-Ridge profiling.

Full scale investigations 02

Full scale investigations 03

In addition to full scale trials, latest developments in CFD methods and ever-increasing computing power allow for direct full-scale simulations which open the route for improved open water speed-power prognosis:

  • Accurate prediction of high Reynolds Number full scale resistance
  • No model scaling procedure included
  • Differences in stern flow due to boundary layer / Reynolds Number effects captured
  • Tool: FreSCo

Full scale investigations 04