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Propeller and Cavitation Tests

Numerical predictions of the cavitation behavior of a ship propeller and the resulting hull pressure pulses is one of the biggest challenges within the field of computational fluid dynamics. The unsteady, highly turbulent two phase flow regime does not allow calculations good enough for approval of a propeller design. Cavitation tests at model scale are indispensible for this purpose and are obligatory for any seagoing vessel.

The workhorse for cavitation tests at HSVA is the large Hydrodynamics and Cavitation Tunnel HYKAT, allowing installation of complete ship models with rudder(s) and all other appendages in its huge test section. This way the realistic three-dimensional propeller inflow is generated by the ship model itself. Unsatisfactory simulation by wire screens or dummies is not necessary. All interactions between ship hull, propeller(s), rudder(s) and other appendages are properly modeled.

The following tests belong to HSVA's standard portfolio for cavitation investigations:

Our highly experienced expert staff would be happy to design any kind of special investigation or test set-up in close cooperation with our customers, to answer exactly the questions you may have.