The Hamburg Ship Model Basin

Setting the Standard in Ship Optimisation

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CFD - Resistance and Propulsion

The accurate prediction of the resistance as a function of speed is the fundamental prerequisite for determining the required propulsive power for a ship in operation.

HSVA performs its CFD full scale predictions in FreSCo+ according to ship model basin standards. The computational methods in FreSCo+ are under continuous development and validation. The close cooperation with HSVA’s model testing facilities ensures the highest possible level of quality, accuracy, and reliability as indicated in the figure below.

Comparison of Model test

Fig. 1:
Comparison of Model test and CFD results for a
full scale power prediction - error bars indicating 1% deviation

FreSCo+ is used regularly to predict both model scale and full scale behaviours for:

  • Ship resistance
  • Dynamic trim and sinkage behaviour
  • Propulsion and propeller performance
  • Ship wake
  • Seakeeping in regular waves
  • Many more