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Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD

Dr.-Ing. Jochen Marzi


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Dr.-Ing. Jochen Marzi

Tel. +49-40-69203-236

CFD is the fastest developing area in marine fluid dynamics. Today dedicated tools allow investigating a large range of marine flow problems from resistance predictions to detailed investigations of energy saving devices or aerodynamic flow. The methods and techniques currently available can provide comprehensive flow field information which other techniques cannot or, only with a massive effort, predict and deliver. HSVA works with a dedicated team of researchers on the extension of functionality and further improvements of own flow codes, namely the RANS code FreSCo+ which is developed in collaboration with our partner TUHH and the potential flow code ν-SHALLO . These tools are applied in numerous customer and service projects. Further information on the CFD services provided by HSVA can be found on the Service page.