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Resistance & Propulsion


regarding any questions you may have
about Resistance & Propulsion are:

Dr.-Ing. Florian Kluwe
Tel. +49-40-69203-224

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Reinholz
Tel. +49-40-69203-288

Resistance and propulsion predictions are the back bone of a ship model basin’s business. Experimentally obtained by model tests in our large towing tank, the most reliable predictions of power consumption versus ship speed can be achieved. But HSVA’s Resistance & Propulsion department also offers a variety of quicker and/or cheaper methods for propulsion predictions, wherever outmost accuracy is not of that importance. These methods range from an educated guess of our experts over data base comparisons or semi-empiric approaches up to high-end viscous flow calculations. In any case, more than one hundred years of experience with the tool in charge give a good feeling to our customers.