Submitting a report

Reliable reports help counteract violations at an early stage and limit the damage for our company, our employees, and our business partners. Accordingly, the data protection law firm Herting Oberbeck Datenschutz GmbH has set up a whistleblower system as an internal reporting office for the HSVA. Information can be reported here confidentially.

You can reach our electronic whistleblower system via Internet here.

Access to the internet-based whistleblower system guarantees compliance with the data protection requirements of the HinSchG. It also complies with all other legal requirements.
This system for reporting information is open to all HSVA employees as well as customers and suppliers. (Our employees can find more information through the intranet).

HSVA safeguard the interests of the whistleblower not only through this secure whistleblowing system, but also by assuring them that all information received will be treated confidentially, and that all means at our disposal will be used to protect whistleblowers acting in accordance with integrity from any disadvantages as a result of their disclosures.

In its investigations, HSVA also endeavors to protect the legitimate interests of other persons affected by a disclosure. Directing suspicion on another person can have serious consequences for that person. It is important and essential that the whistleblowing system is used responsibly.

Please note: The whistleblower system is not an emergency service! Please do not use the reporting channels of the whistleblower system to report an immediate threat to life, health or property, as the reporting channels are not designed for this purpose. If necessary, inform the relevant authorities like the police or fire department or the responsible internal security department.