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Maritime Industry

Located in Hamburg, the private and independent Hamburg Ship Model Basin - HSVA - is a service and consulting company for clients in the maritime industry worldwide.

Our products contribute to a greener, more sustainable usage of marine environments. We help reduce emissions from shipping and we increase safety in marine transportation.

We are partners to our clients for the development of innovative, tailor-made solutions in shipping and offshore operations. For experimental investigations we are offering world class testing facilities.

Its leading role in national and international research programs makes HSVA a most competent partner in science and services in the field of maritime hydrodynamics, maritime aerodynamics and arctic technology as well as associated disciplines.


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Maritime Hydrodynamics
Optimisation, Efficiency & Safety

We address any aspect in design, construction and operation of waterborne vehicles and structures that incorporate fluid mechanical considerations such as

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Maritime Aerodynamics
Design Loads, Operational Safety & Green Energy

HSVA adresses all aspects related to air flow on ships and offshore structures, including

  • Wind Loads
  • Air resistance
  • Exhaust gas distribution
  • Air Turbulence
  • Ventilation
  • Numerical Assessment (RANS, DES, LES)
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • IMO Weather Criterion
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Wind Propulsion Systems (Flettner Rotors, Soft Sails, Wing Sails)
  • Wind Turbines


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Arctic Technology
Safe operation in ice covered waters

Operating one of the very few testing facilities worldwide, HSVA provides unique expertise for marine vehicles and installations in ice covered waters:

March 2023

We are glad to give you a small insight into a current project in our large towing tank!
Foto We are glad to give you a small insight into a current project in our large towing tank!

At the moment we are conducting model tests for Baltic Workboats Ltd testing the new patrol boats for Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG intended for the Hamburg’s water police. The seakeeping tests will demonstrate how the ship behaves in the rough environment of the North Sea and give insights in how the conditions will be like for the crew on board. The test campaign will be completed by resistance and propulsion tests, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the ships!

Models are built from sustainable flax fibre delievered by greenboats.


March 2023

This week we welcomed Enrico Nake (Embassy of Canada) and Petra Mahnke (GMT) at HSVA!
Foto This week we welcomed Enrico Nake (Embassy of Canada) and Petra Mahnke (GMT) at HSVA!

This week we welcomed Enrico Nake (Embassy of Canada | Ambassade du Canada) and Petra Mahnke (GMT - German Association for Marine Technology) at HSVA.

Besides the viewing of our towing and ice tank, we had an exciting exchange about current and future topics in marine and ocean technology! Many thanks for the visit!

August 2022

Newswave 2022 01
Foto Newswave 2022 01

HSVA magazine "newswave" is now available online!

We are very pleased to present you our new edition of our magazine newswave.
Find out more about:

·     The world’s first zero-emission fast ferry
·     The design challenge of Multi Mission Polar Vessels
·     GATERS – Comprehensive Review of Novel Rudder System
·      ... and much more!


Jobs @ HSVA

HSVA is one of the world leading ship model basins. As a private company operating in the wonderful city of Hamburg, Germany, HSVA is active in the field of hydrodynamic research since 1913. Besides operating a large range of experimental facilities, we are among the forerunners of CFD developments and maritime applications.

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