With more than 100 years of experience and thousands of projects with customers from all over the world, HSVA provides a unique repository of knowledge, data and capabilties supporting the provided services. Highly qualified staff with long lasting experience in various fields of the marine industry, continuous improvement through research and development and total customer orientation  are the ingredients for excellent results.

HSVA's delivers solutions for marine hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and arctic technology by uniting, amongst others, experimental investigations and state-of-the-art numerical analysis as well as full scale measurements with customer-oriented project management.

HSVA is a founding member of ITTC and a leading institution with regards to the definition of new standards and services. HSVA is at the core of an international network of partners from industry, research and academics and is member in relevant organizations. New standards and results from continuous research are published in relevant international journals and conferences.

Our customers benefit from a holistic range of services, dedicated to analyze and design floating objects for even the most demanding operating conditions and to identify innovative solutions.

Organized in three divisions, Ships, Arctic Technology, Offshore & Specials, our interdisciplinary team of experts assists our customers during all stages of complex projects.