Division arctic technology

Based on a profound experience from numerous experiments and studies on ice performance of various ship types and interaction of offshore structures with ice HSVA’s Arctic Technology Division offers solutions for one of the most challenging environmental conditions.

For many maritime companies polar operation is a lesser-known field with high economic potential which is though related to new risks and uncertainties. Our expertise allows us to show the path to a safe and efficient operation in ice covered sea areas. Our services will provide guidance from early design stage to the final verification of newbuildings in real arctic conditions. We thereby advice which steps are to be taken and how they can be accomplished successfully.  

Rule and regulations like Minimum Ice Class Power (Finnish-Swedish), Polar Code (including Polar Water Operational Manual development) and individual requirements can be verified together with us while keeping the focus on the efficiency of a ship or structure in ice.  

Among others investigations on 

  • Performance limits for arctic ship operation (NSR, NWP)
  • Functionality and reliability of ship propulsion in ice
  • Ice induced motions and loads on ships and offshore structures
  • Ice coverage on ships and structures (distribution, accumulation, pile up / encroachment)
  • Ice friction on various surface types

are offered in our facilities.  
As hazardous as the polar environment can be for maritime activities as sensitive it is to the impact from those activities. Our mission therefore is to use our expertise and facilities for securing the integrity of this special worthy part of nature. 

We emphasize that also scientists can use our experimental capabilities for study campaigns in ocean and climate research such as wave-ice interaction, ice physics and other oceanographic questions. We will provide them with advice on technical test planning, test set up and measuring systems to obtain the desired research findings.    

If you have any further questions, please contact our team.