Ships are connecting shorelines

71% of the earth’s surface are covered by water. 90% of the global transport volumes are carried by more than 48000 ships.

Ships are connecting shorelines, islands, countries and continents featuring an unprecedented efficiency. Seatrade has been one of the drivers of globalization.

Making shipping the most economic, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe mode of transportation is one of HSVA’s core missions.

HSVA offers a holistic portfolio of all relevant services for the entire range of ship types. Owed to HSVA's vast experience and knowledge gained by continuous research, the offered services constitute the state-of-the-art.

Ranging from early ship design, design evaluation, sea trials, retro-fitting to troubleshooting during ship operation, the whole life-cycle of a vessel is covered. The division bundles the expertise of our different experimental facilities and experts for numerical analysis.

Tailor-made model-test campaigns give our customer and his stakeholders certainty on the relevant performance criteria in their project. The experimental facilities allow for testing of the relevant aspects for resistance and propulsion, manoeuvring, sea-keeping, stability, cavitation and hydroacoustics.

Our design consultancy services comprise the evaluation, design and optimization of the hydrodynamic concept, including the detailed analysis of competing propulsion concepts and appendage configurations such as Energy Saving Devices (ESD). Design decisions and optimization studies are supported by simulation-based design evaluation.

HSVA offers reliable guidance to support decision makers in finding future proof solutions in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. Our experts deliver reliable guidance on EEDI, EEXI and CII.

HSVA on board: The portfolio of field measurements ranges from witnessing and performing powering as well as manoeuvring sea trials as an independent entity to special investigations and measurements such as cavitation observations, measurements of hull loads and vibrations. Our measurement portfolio includes e.g. shaft power by means of strain gauges, pressure pulses by means of hull pressure sensors and propeller cavitation observations with boroscope. Subsequent evaluations, dedicated sea trial reports and related consultancy close the loop and form the link between the full scale ship and the test campaign in our facilities.

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