Dr. Daniela Myland awarded at OMAE 2020

Deputy Head of Department Arctic Technology Dr. Daniela Myland received the Subrata Chakrabarti Young Professional Award for her outstanding publication on “Experimental and theoretical investigations on the characteristics of ice floes broken by ships sailing ahead in level ice”, presented at OMAE 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. This award, named in commemoration of Dr. Chakrabarti, is an all-conference award given to a young professional, which recognizes both the originality and technical merit of the paper and the delivery of the presentation.

In particular, the paper investigates correlations between ice floe characteristics, hull shape parameters, ice properties and the ice resistance. Therefore, systematic model tests in level ice and pre-sawn ice with different icebreaking ship models of one ship type have been conducted. During the tests in level ice under water video records have been taken from below the ship model. Video frames have been analyzed by application of a dedicated image analysis procedure which is mainly based on a number of semi-automatic scripts applied in Matlab®. Results of the analysis are presented and discussed within this paper.