Foto Happy World Oceans Day from HSVA!

Happy World Oceans Day from HSVA!

Did you know that today is the World Oceans Day? On this day we want to draw attention to how valuable our oceans are and that it is more important than ever to protect them!

HSVA would like to take this opportunity to display some of our R&D projects to benefit the oceans:

Bulbous Bow Retrofit: The increased awareness of the environmental impact of shipping has led to new regulations designed to make not only new buildings more efficient and environment friendly, but the existing fleet, too. While some vessels are performing already very well, some of them are not, often caused by market changes that lead to different operating conditions and not necessarily by bad or outdated design. In order to get these vessels back on track again a bulbous bow retrofit can be of great value, decreasing the ship’s demand for propulsion power in a range of 5 to 20%.

Prediction of ship propeller radiated under water noise: Ship noise is a major source of the increased background noise in the oceans. The noise emitted by the ship propeller is hereby the defining criteria. HSVA's HYKAT offers best opportunities to analyse cavitation behaviour and to predict the radiated under water noise already in the design stage of a new or retrofit propeller.

Zero Emission Shipping: On the path to zero emission shipping and the decarbonisation of the worldwide maritime fleet, HSVA has set its sails to contribute to the design of the new eco-friendly vessels for the next generation. In cooperation with the The Norwegian Ship Design Company HSVA supports the hull form and ship concept design of the Zero Emission Bulker “With Orca” with wind assisted propulsion.

FlettnerFLEET project: The FlettnerFLEET project puts wind assisted propulsion technology in form of Flettner Rotors on range of different cargo vessels and thus contributes to both, overall energy efficiency of ships as well as reducing their emissions. Providing a significant contribution to the overall European “Fit for 55” strategy, the project illustrates HSVA’s long standing tradition to combine technological excellence with environmentally friendly solutions.

TrAM H2020 Project: TrAM project Demonstrator Medstraum sets a new standard for environmentally friendly ferry operations. As the world's first fully electric and zero-emission fast ferry, this groundbreaking vessel represents a significant leap forward in sustainable maritime transportation. With its innovative design and advanced technology, this remarkable project demonstrates our commitment to preserving the health of our oceans while providing efficient and clean transportation options. 

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Photo: TrAM project‘s demonstrator MEDSTRAUM