Foto HOLISHIP joint workshop in Brussels

HOLISHIP joint workshop in Brussels

On 31 May 2018 the HSVA led HOLISHIP project participated in a joint workshop with other EU funded ship design projects SHIPLYS and LINCOLN in Brussels. About 60 participants discussed with Commission representatives future trends of ship design and their answers to the evolving requirements.

On the following day HOLISHIP held its first official Review Meeting after 18 months into the project. Following extensive presentations of the results achieved so far, the project passed the review with excellent marks. The software integration process in HOLISHIP is rapidly progressing and the final tool will provide ship designers with a comprehensive and unsurpassed range of design and analysis tools for future challenges. First demonstration cases already now indicate the vast potential of the concept. Providing different CFD tools for hydrodynamic analysis, HSVA is proud that our well known potential flow code nuShallo has been selected as a first example to demonstrate a new format of software use. System integrators Friendship Systems chose nuShallo as show case for a first “Web-App” which can be used to optimise the hullform of a given ship.