HSVA at the Hull Performance and Insight Conference

From 6-8 May the 4th edition of the Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC) took place in the picturesque medieval town of Gubbio, Italy. A total of 34 papers were presented, dealing with hull performance monitoring from the service providers’ and ship owners’ perspectives, effects of hull and propeller roughness and fouling, technological and operational measures for improved ship performance and many more. The conference was well-attended, giving shipping companies, coating manufacturers and providers of equipment and services the opportunity to discuss the latest trends in technology and analysis, the practicality of the ISO 19030 rules and other aspects of ship performance.

HSVA presented a paper entitled “From Bow to Stern: Hydrodynamic Measures for Increased Hull Performance”. Four technologies for drag reduction and performance enhancement to be applied in different hull regions were highlighted (see figure): compliant coatings, riblet coatings, air lubrication and the so-called Boundary-Layer Alignment Device (BLAD). These technologies were successfully investigated and optimised at HSVA in the past using the company’s excellent experimental facilities and numerical capabilities. HSVA is constantly interested in refining and applying these technologies – please contact us for additional information, collaboration options or simply a copy of our HullPIC paper.

Contact: schrader@hsva.de