HSVA starts the new year with a tailwind - new corporate structure and changes in the management team

HSVA is giving itself a new, customer-oriented structure, which is now based on its main product groups. The technical expertise will be divided into three major areas: "Ships", "Offshore" and "Arctic Technology".

All HSVA employees are organized into pools, which provide the individual specialist teams with the resources they need. Inspired by agile working methods, these teams work independently on both customer orders and R&D projects. Project managers serve the customers as single point of contact to provide competent and holistic consulting. HSVA expects this to improve their customer service as well as to enable fast and flexible action on requirements and trends of the markets.

HSVA is also reorganizing its management team around Managing Director Prof. Dr. Janou Hennig:
Dr. Florian Kluwe is responsible for the "Ships" division.
The "Offshore" division will be represented by Dr. Christian Schmittner.
Nils Reimer is responsible for the "Arctic Technology" division.