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MS Medstraum

Congratulations to MS "Medstraum"! 

MS "Medstraum" is Ship of The Year

The world’s first battery-only high-speed craft, MS Medstraum, has been awarded Ship of The Year. Ship builders Fjellstrand Verft and shipowners Kolumbus, a Norwegian public transport company, received the price at an official ceremony at SMM in Hamburg on Tuesday 6th of September. 

Medstraum, will soon start operating a multi-stop commuter route in Rogaland, Norway. This pilot vessel is a result of the EU-funded TrAM project, aimed at developing a zero-emission battery-powered fast-going passenger vessel through advanced design and modular production.  HSVA has contributed to the hydrodynamic design of the vessel essentially and the model test results revealed an unbelievable high propulsive efficiency! We wish MS «Medstraum» a good journey!