Foto MS Medstraum

MS Medstraum

MS Medstraum, the world’s first fully electric and zero-emission fast ferry, has arrived at her home port Stavanger and is ready for operation - congratulations!

As the EU project TrAM’s demonstrator vessel, MS Medstraum is designed for a service speed of 23 knots, carrying about 150 passengers and operating on a multi-stop commuter route between the city of Stavanger and surrounding communities and islands. HSVA has been in charge of the hydrodynamic design, optimisation and experimental studies of the hull form and propulsion system of the catamaran. It has been challenging and hard work to achieve a very high level of propulsion efficiency, which is essential for fast ferries driven by electric batteries. Today we are happy and proud to see that the vessel has been successfully delivered and the vessel performance during the first service trials is even better than expected!