Phase 2 of AERONAUT project to begin

FreSCo+ Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation (DDES) computations in Phase 1 provide the groundwork for the upcoming wind tunnel testing of the container ship PICTOR J and the development of aerodynamic appliances for optimising the air flow around the superstructure of ships.

The flow around the deckhouse along the centerplane from FreSCo+ DDES computations

The aim of AERONAUT is a significant reduction of the wind resistance of ships in order to reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the AERONAUT website for more project details.

AERONAUT is funded by the federal ministry of economics and technology in the scope of the programme “maritime technologies of the next generation”. The project is coordinated by the HSVA. Further members of the consortium are TUHH, CMT, Knierim Yachtbau and Jüngerhans.