News for the period 2023

TrAM H2020 Project has been nominated for the European Sustainable Energy Awards

We are very glad to share that the TrAM H2020 Project has been nominated for the European Sustainable Energy Awards 2023!
The TrAM Catamaran Medstraum is not only fully electric, zero-emission, fast, buy also highly efficient in terms of hydrodynamic performance, which has been essential for such a battery-driven fast ferry concept being feasible and finally built and in operation! #HSVA is happy to make a substantial contribution to this great project.

The winner will be decided by the public - we would be happy if you voted for this great project!

Please find the link for voting below:


For more information, check out this post: Information TrAM H2020 Project


We are glad to give you a small insight into a current project in our large towing tank!

At the moment we are conducting model tests for Baltic Workboats Ltd testing the new patrol boats for Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG intended for the Hamburg’s water police. The seakeeping tests will demonstrate how the ship behaves in the rough environment of the North Sea and give insights in how the conditions will be like for the crew on board. The test campaign will be completed by resistance and propulsion tests, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the ships!

Models are built from sustainable flax fibre delievered by greenboats.


Thanks for the visit at HSVA!

We had the pleasure of welcoming MPC CONTAINER SHIPS, MPC Capital and their partners North Sea Container Line and Elkem ASA for the seakeeping tests for their new 1,300 TEU container vessels in our Large Towing Tank. The tests were successfully conducted under the gaze of numerous spectators. The vessels are dual-fuel methanol newbuildings that, according to MPC CONTAINER SHIPS are "[…] taking a significant leap forward in [their] commitment to using carbon neutral solutions in intra-regional container trades, together with strong partners."

Thank you for a great afternoon with interesting discussions, we are already looking forward to seeing you here again in the near future!

Towards a lower-emission shipping future with wind propulsion systems

Shipping contributes substantially to global greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts to reduce these emissions are being made everywhere at many levels, with sail (auxiliary) propulsion systems in particular experiencing a renaissance. As part of its maritime research program, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection is now for the first time funding a project to optimise additional wind propulsion systems on board merchant ships, specifically Flettner rotors. On the basis of numerical and experimental models, the new FlettnerFLEET project is developing largely improved design principles for the integration of additional wind propulsion in modern merchant ships, both for newbulidings as well as retrofits. In addition, the design and operation of the rotors are also being optimised. Within the framework of the joint project led by MARIKO GmbH, HSVA will carry out the aero- and hydrodynamic investigations and developments for optimised wind ships and thus further establish the topic of wind propulsion as a new mainstay at HSVA. Detailed information on the FlettnerFLEET project can be found in the press release, e.g. at Greenshipping-Niedersachsen or Hansa-Online.


The HSVA team sends many greetings for the "International Day of Women and Girls in Science"!

On this special day, we would like to encourage young women to apply for studies or apprenticeships, also in the technical field. Our work is always exciting and diverse, not to forget creative! So every day we are busy finding new solutions to constantly changing problems and developing the shipping industry further.