Design & Optimisation

Looking back on more than three decades of experience in the application of numerical simulation and design tools, HSVA has designed and optimized hundreds of vessels. These projects represent the whole range of ship types such as container vessels, bulk-carriers, tankers, cruise vessels, RoRo- and RoPax ships as well as yachts, research vessels and Navy ships, to name just a few.

During the early design stage, fundamental concept modifications are feasible without driving actual costs. To identify optimal solutions, we provide our customers with a detailed analysis of the initial concept and suggestions to improve the design. A close cooperation between our experts and the customer's project team assures that HSVA's contribution seamlessly integrates into the overall design process, addressing specifically the needs and requirements of the customer and his client.

Following a simulation-driven design philosophy, HSVA applies state-of-the-art numerical simulation tools and optimisation procedures. This allows for the realization of complex target functions apart from the calm water performance only. This may include

  • Added resistance in waves
  • Seakeeping performance related to criteria such as motion amplitudes, accelerations, dynamic stability, motion sickness, operational limits and may more
  • Intact Stability
  • Route specific performance assessment (probability of delays, travel time, average fuel consumption)
  • Alternative means of propulsion (e.g. wind assisted propulsion)

HSVA's design portfolio

  • Hull lines development & optimisation
  • Hull lines review and experts' advice
  • Optimisation of details, retrofit solutions (e.g. bulbous bow)
  • Design support rudders, including twisted leading edge designs
  • Design support propellers (fpp, cpp) including hydrodynamic assessment of performance and cavitation as wells as strength assessment
  • Design of apendages (shaft lines, shaft brackest, bossings, ducts)
  • Partner for the development of energy saving devices

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific design task and define the optimal solution for your application.


HSVA cooperates closely with affiliate SDC, extending the range of service by:


  • Custom made concept designs
  • Class/basic designs
  • Feasibility studies


  • Stability calculation
  • FEM strength calculation
  • Drawings approval


  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Conversions
  • Tender monitoring

Website: www.shipdesign.de

For each project HSVA's experts can select the most appropriate design approach from a wide range of available tools and environments. This includes potential flow solvers, RANS-procedures up to DES-approaches.

HSVA’s expertise in the field of e.g. manoeuvring, sea keeping, resistance & propulsion, ice breaking performance, and engine characteristics is included during the holistic design approach. Utilizing e.g. NAPA or CAESES for hull lines design, HSVA combines the experience of the design experts with formal optimisation procedures based on parametric 3D-models.

The offered services are available not only for hull lines design and optimisation, but for flow exposed geometries in general. Typical applications is e.g. the aerodynamic optimisation of ships, where aspects such as air drag, exhaust gas dispersion and the analysis of helicopter operation are typically subject to optimisation.

If you have any further questions, please contact our team.