Field measurements

For the verification of actual ship performance we offer the full service package of planning, preparation, conduction and analysis of sea trials. The services include trials for performance assessment in calm water, sea states and in ice. In addition following services are offered:

  • Determination of local hull pressure with borescopes
  • Cavitation observations through windows in outer shell
  • Acceleration measurements on ships in waves
  • Ice load measurements

The calm water performance trials are conducted and analysed according to the latest ISO15016 - Guidelines for the assessment of speed and power performance by analysis of speed trial data. Customised software is used for fast processing and analysis. Re-analysis of existing ship trial results can be offered upon request. Further we can support shipping companies with statistical analysis of long-term data for optimisation of voyage and ship operation.

For ice going ships HSVA assists with trial planning including selection of suitable testing areas, development of testing and environmental correction procedures as well as logistical support. The on-board data acquisition is organised by customised software application allowing direct monitoring of most relevant data like speed, power and rudder angles. In addition HSVA supports ice trials with measurements to determine the performance related sea ice properties.

  • ice thickness
  • snow depth
  • flexural strength
  • ice and snow density
  • pressure ridge keel depth and sail height


For all on-board and field work services project specific safety assessments are prepared.   

If you have any further questions, please contact our team.