Raising complexity in model testing demands larger flexibility and variety of production processes like CNC and additive manufacturing. At HSVA we are using programmable machine tools to prepare components with a length up to 13m. Our 3D printers offer layer heights between 0.16 and 0.75m and a maximum print chamber 700x700x820mm.
You are looking for customised components for model test or other applications and you need advice on selecting the right production method and material?
We offer to support the planning and produce in our facilities according to your needs. 

Well established software like Siemens NX, Rhino, NAPA and AutoCAD enables our CAD/CAM office to handle the most common formats. Our years of experience in processing wood, metal and plastic materials ensures effective preparation of your product.  


Axel Schult
Head of Production
E-Mail: schult@hsva.de
Phone: 040 69203-280

If you have any further questions, please contact our team.