Model testing

With its large scale testing facilities HSVA offers broad range of opportunities for experimental investigations.

This includes scale model testing for ships, offshore structures, for marine technology equipment and for principle investigations in marine science. Tests can be conducted in various environmental conditions including calm water, waves and ice with the latest experimental technology. All standardised tests are carried out according to common standards while flexibility is also given to carry out specialised tests according to customised requirements.   

Main testing services include

  • Resistance and Propulsion Tests
  • Propeller and Cavitation Tests
  • Stability and Seakeeping Tests
  • Manoeuvring Tests
  • Propulsion Tests in Different Sea States
  • Propulsion and Manoeuvering Tests in Different Ice Conditions

  • Testing of Coastal Structures in Waves and in Ice
  • Testing of Floating Structures (Ship Shape, Semi-Sub) in Waves and in Ice
  • Testing of Fixed Structures (GBS, ) in Waves and in Ice
  • Testing of technical offshore components (risers, hydrofoils, surfaces)

  • Testing in various ice-conditions
    • Level ice
    • Rafted ice, pressure ridges
    • Broken ice and brash ice
  • Resistance and propulsion tests in ice
  • Manoeuvring and ice management tests
  • Ice loads on structures
  • Mooring forces in ice
  • Wave-Ice Interaction Tests

  • Ships in complex environmental conditions (waves, ice)
  • Innovative propulsion systems (including many types of energy efficiency devices)
  • Test of a marine current energy converter
  • Tests to investigate damage stability and flooding of ships
  • Moored structures in ice including pressure ridges
  • Multibody systems in ice including pressure ridges
  • Oil spill in sea ice

HSVA's facilities offer vast opportunities to investigate phenomena related to water, free surface flows, water waves, fluid flow, fluid dynamics, turbulence, cavitation, ice and arctic climate - not restricted to marine applications.

We assist in developing the right model and testing approach. Our workshops and our mechanical design team are able to realize almost any model and test setup. In case needed we develop custom measuring equipment.

HSVA has joined developments and projects in the automotive industry, aerospace industry and many more...