To cover the wide spectrum of our services, a carefully chosen and highly adapted set of software tools is used and developed at HSVA. From simple early design-stage estimations to quite sophisticated simulation tools – we have all the tools at our disposal to meet the specific demands of your project.

For CAD processes relying on standard exchange formats we use industry-proven software tools like NAPA, CAESES® and NX, extended by macros for the design of appendages or to create specific drawings.

More specific topics are covered by our inhouse CFD tools, constantly validated via model test results. The most important examples are our finite volume solver FreSCo+,  our potential flow package νShallo, our propeller design tool QCM and our latest tool EcoLibrium, dealing with wind-assisted propulsion and route optimisation. The knowledge involved with developing these packages is a significant benefit for our customers, as we don’t have to rely on ‘blackbox’ algorithms and are able to adapt the processes to very specific project requirements.

Our extensive database allows us to provide you with valuable information during the initial design phase of your vessel. Based on statistics, we can estimate the power demand of your design, check the main particulars relative to existing vessels and give you an idea about the potential for hull form optimisation. 

For problems not yet covered by the existing tool set, our programming and software design experts are ready to provide you with perfect fit customized solutions. 

The more ressource-demanding software tools run on HSVA’s own HPC cluster, ensuring short-term availability of CPU power. All project data is explicitly stored on servers inside our facilities. 

If you have any further questions, please contact our team.